195 thoughts on “ICICI Bank’s Stupid OTP Security Feature”

  1. Network and server are the major responsible reason for such delayed otp issue but the matter is from past several years they are working hard to make it worst and trying hard to double the trouble. One more thing is they have got more money from their dreamed expectations so they dont want this silly business of banking and wanna do something else but cant find way like mallayas do. They irritate you even in branch so you feel fresh and enjoy their company more and more. Poor newcomer boys and gals get spitting from customers because of these monks sitting on higher post and enjoy club class life across and abroad India. Real Devil is Govt that allows them for forever endless trouble.

  2. Even when you do have access to mobile phone and the number is registered, this so called security feature has an amazing habit of choosing not to reach your cell phone even after two attempts of RESEND OTP. And when u finally log out of the merchant site. LO and Behold…there comes the otp after travelling across the globe on foot I guess. I have been using ICICI card since 2000, now I am seriously thinking of moving on. Stupid stupid stupid Intentionally Creating Irritating Confusion in Individuals (ICICI) Bank

  3. Also my phone num is connected to other icici bank account which i no longer use that account. I couldn’t use the same phone num to the currently using icici account. Now current one is registered to phone my wife uses. Icant change to my num so dont receive any otp to the phone i carry.

  4. My office dosen’t allow mobiles inside. I couldn’t make any transactions with icici then. Even i am planning to move abroad. How can i remove otp.

  5. This feature is bullshit. Its a biggest pain in my ass for last few years as I am traveling frequently. Worst part is these suckers dont allow us to change into some other number online as well. Trying to get outta it.

  6. Call 1800ICICI4u, authenticate with your India ICICI debit card number and pin number. They will tell you the OTP on phone and you will be able to make online payment. ICICI OTP is bit inconvenient but security is to save our hard earned money and not to trouble us. Have been with ICICI since very long and have seen them doing good job always. Have success ICICI.

    1. I never use ATM Card and even I don’t have one right now, I use ICICI account only for Online transactions(Money Transfer) . I don’t see any point in getting authenticated with Debit Card number, Is just Bank account number and security questions not enough? .The OTP doesn’t even reach my mobile. I talked to my Service provider , they said every thing looks good and need to know what is the ICICI bank’s short code which they use it to send SMS. I tried to get this information from ICICI Bank (1800ICICI4u). I am tired of talking to the Call center service agents. They always ask Debit card number which I don’t have. I can’t blame them they go by the rules. They ask me to apply for a new Debit card. But it doesn’t have latest address. To get my address updated I need to submit a form by Physical mail.
      My one simple question, Can’t they do all these things over a phone? Should I not be given option to send OTP by email or Phone while doing Money transfer? What if I lost the phone . Can’t they send the OTP to my email .
      what ever the process they follow doesn’t make sense.

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