196 thoughts on “ICICI Bank’s Stupid OTP Security Feature”

  1. I have been using ICICI for more than 13 years.. and did not expect this much lousy with their workers and improper response. They respond but completely helpless.. What I see is ICICI is lack of motivation and no way it can be good bank.. You could expect ICICI is going down with customer service.. So pls move your account outside of ICICI

  2. I nailed it. Sent mobile number change request through US Post with some US id proof to Hyderabad branch. I lost hope after 3 months follow up. Later I got SMS to my US number. Almost took 100 days. Delay could be either by USPS or by Icici doc scan. Recently changed my mobile and tried to deactivate isafe in old mobile. Failed. End up in this post.

  3. Has anyone figured a way out of this? I’m not able to do any transactions ! Please help. I’m in U.S. and I’m not able to contact them.

  4. Yes, ICICI bank is a bullsh*t bank…I am really not sure why are they not offering an option to choose between mobile or email to customers.

  5. I do agree. facing this problem now. I am been in travelling outside of India. I will go back to India in 5 days. Now I need to do few online shopping using my indian ICICI bank. Due to OTP, I am not able to proceed my transaction and also I have no other option. In case, if the mobile service is temporarily suspended by the mobile service provider and I want to do the online transaction. what is the solution to us ?

  6. A disgusting feature. Though i apperiaciate the security, there also has to be an alternative to it. Every time i have a bump with credit card penalties when i travel abroad. They say to use isafe…which never existed on my Blackberry

  7. This stupidity started just now. Till few days back, only three numbers from the card grid was required. ICICI changes their policies suddenly. Trying to call CC at 12:30 AM, Queued at 16th position. Looks like ICICI allocates only 3-4 CC executives during night time to save every fucking penny … Go to Hell ICICI.. thanks for the frustration and wasting my time …

    1. Eureka Eureka 🙂 ….Just a quick update
      if you wanna deactivate isafe…
      1. Login to your online account.
      2. Customer service -> my profile.
      3. On the left side menu, click “My Profile”. There will be a link to deactivate iSafe.

      Huh, Finally feeling safe from the headache called “iSafe”.

  8. Agree with this stupid OTP process. ICICI is not at all giving an option to change the mobile# in online. Documents with change of mobile number with address proof needs to be couriered to India Brach office. this is really stupid method . ICICI is not at all user friendly. even to add a payee again needs to get OTP and this time there is not alternate to get OTP while adding payee. Customer care also helpless in this case. The stupid answer I got is check the registered mobile number only. I was explaining that I am unable to use my phone in USA but stupid guys are not at all looking the issue in broader way. Top of this , if you want to get OTP through customer care, you can call to customer care and you will get Now they started that if the lines are very busy and all the representatives are busy, ICICI is making the call to be end and asking to call after some time. Even if you call after some time it is getting repeated. I didn’t get a OTP so far a single important and urgent transaction. This is really painful and thinking to close the relationship of 9 years with ICICI.

  9. Ok, just FYI people – you can call customer care and tell them to transfer you to OTP team and they can give you the generated OTP. Tried just now and it worked.

  10. Hi … All

    Its true and very sad of the banking system when compared with other country banks … I am holding this ICICI account past 11 yrs … because of OTP I need to think of closing … Very bad … I am out of country called customer care and requested to add my email …they said no… Example : Banks in Thailand they have options of OTP in sms and email for all customers (nothing like NRI…etc) Today I am struggling a lot to transfer money to my dad 🙁 …Oh my god has to send me OTP to my mobile ( Vodafone number ) which is roaming.. I receive useless SMS and calls when I am in roaming but not OTP from ICICI bank

    Narasimhan .R

  11. Really the worst feature anyone on Earth could offer; and this could have come only from the worst bank ever “ICICI”. These stupid morons do not understand that the world has globalized and people need to keep travelling to different places. Everytime, it may not be possible to activate international roaming on your Indian mobile number and some networks aren’t even available everywhere, so there are high chances you do not receive the OTP even if you have international roaming activated. Those who can, should definitely look for other banks which are sensible enough to SMS and e-mail your OTP.

    The management of ICICI bank definitely lacks vision and foresight while implementing stupid features.

  12. It’s really a stupid procedure. I am a live example of this. Currently, I am in USA for 2 months, I don’t have network for my Idea (It’s another stupid thing). I could not able to do a single transaction from here as it is asking for OTP. My email account is also already registered with icici. As per their so called rules, I should get the OTP email. But I can’t. Now I needed to request someone in India to pay my bills manually.

  13. The OTP thing is a nice way to make the life miserable. They already provide 2 layer of authentication (login and transaction password). Don’t see the need of OTP. Rather then making things fast they are making it slow in the name of security.
    Moreover the sms which they sent takes ages. Most of the time is doesn’t come. We can never reach their customer via phone. ICICI should really re-think about the shit which they have incorporated.

    1. Nope, they have three layers. That grid on your debit card is also there that forces you to have your debit card at hand for all online transactions. That was livable but OTP is really crap

  14. this is really stupidest feature ICICI bank has introduced..I too travelled abroad and facing the same problem of accessing..the heights of the frustration is ..when you try to see the email registered for the account..thinking to change it..it asks for OTP to view even that screen..

  15. Visit this link to have your OTP redirected from your registered cell number to your Registered email address. This definitely helps people outside the country and still wants to access the account.

    Dont blame this initiative guys, OTP gives a one step addition to your security, if u couldn’t adapt to it or don’t bother to find a solution them please don’t blame.

    My email account was once hacked i managed to recover only because i had my cell registered to my email account. I thanked that it didn’t happen to my bank account..


  16. You  are absolutely right. This OTP thing sucks. I wonder if banks in USA also follow such trends but theirs is so flexible while ICICI is so rigid that if you forget one thing, you have no other option than curse them. Why can’t they authenticate a customer when they call and add their mobile number on the phone line but instead one has to make a trip to their branch , but wait what if someone is outside india and no branch available. It’s ridiculous

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