2 Amazing Applications You Must Have For Ubuntu

There are zillions of must-have-apps-for-ubuntu kinda blogs.  Those are very useful when you are new to Ubuntu and looking for the best way to get something done.  Here I’m going to talk about two Ubuntu applications which I find are amazing and haven’t been mentioned by most of those blogs.

  • Ubuntu Tweak
  • Shutter

So here we go.

Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak is an application designed to tweak some Ubuntu settings easily.  It is a tool that gives you access to some great Ubuntu settings which are hidden in some configuration files otherwise.  Also, it provides an easy way to keep track of your applications, updates, repositories etc.

Here is a list of things you can do with Ubuntu Tweak:

  • Application Center – Find and install/uninstall applications (similar to Ubuntu Software Center)
  • Package Cleaner – Clean downloaded but not in use packages, clean package cache, clean configuration files of removed packages, clean old kernel images
  • Source Center – add or remove third-party repository sources.
  • Source Editor – Freely edit software sources
  • Update Manager – same as the built-in Update Manager in Ubuntu
  • Auto Start Programs – control what starts when you login and what doesn’t
  • Login Settins – change login settings like screen background, sound, logo etc.
  • Session Control
  • Compiz Settings
  • Desktop Icon Settins – Decide what to show on desktop and what not to
  • Gnome settings – panel, menu, screensaver settings
  • Window Manager settings
  • Default Folder locations
  • Manage Scripts, templates
  • Define Shortcuts
  • Power management


Shutter is a featureful  screenshot tool.  It enables you to take screenshots of windows, applications, selections, menus, tool-tips, web-pages etc.  The flexibility it provides for taking screenshots is amazing.  If you want to see some great screenshots that have been taken using Shutter, visit my other blog about How to setup Thunderbird + Lightning + DavMail on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx).

The best part about this tools is the ease with which you can take a screenshot.  For example to take a screenshot of a menu, you just invoke the menu and select the menu screenshot option in Shutter.  Then this tool will automatically recognize the activated menu and take the screenshot of only the menu.  Same goes for tool-tips too.  This is a boon for people who wants to create tutorials for GUI.

There are detailed screencasts available for this tool on their website here.

Author: Ronak Gandhi

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