Bajaj Allianz Customer Care – Thumbs Down

Bajaj Allianz Insurance company is arguably the best in industry when it comes to customer friendliness and ease of getting/renewing an Insurance. However I became victim of their buggy online renewal and their ill-equipped, ill-trained customer care executives.

It all started the day I recieved an email from Bajaj Allianz notifying me that my two-wheeler insurance is due renewal in a months time. That’s good, I have 30 days to get my insurance renewed before it expires. Never did I know that I’d be making calls to various people to get the task done on the expiry day.

Back to day 1, the moment I recieved the email notification, I went to to renew the insurance online. The website is actually very user friendly and takes you to appropriate pages easily. Just in 3 clicks, I get to page where I can type in the details of my policy for renewal. Nice. Problem started when I submitted the form and it tells me that the policy number and registration number of the vehicle don’t match. You must be kidding me. I am filling in the details right from the policy document and they don’t match? Okay, fine. Let’s see if there are other options to renew the policy on the website. I find two relevant links – one is using a credit card and other is using netbanking of a savings account. None is these links work, either you get a Page Not Found error or their servers are very busy.

Time to call their famous customer care. I get to speak to a human in relatively much less time compared to say Vodafone or Tata Indicom. Neat. I explain her the problem I faced on the website, and to my surprise she tells me that this is a common problem lot of customers are facing. The vehicle registration number contains hyphens but the website doesn’t accept those numbers. Wow. She promises me that the problem will be fixed in couple of days and then I should be able to do it. That’s fine, I’ll wait. Same stor

y repeats for next 10 days. I try to renew my insurance, I get the error, I call them, they tell me they are working on the problem. On the 10th day, the lady tells me there is another option to renew the policy without going to their center. It can be done over the phone using a credit card via an IVR system. I ask her to do it immediately. She says I’ll get a call back in 5 minutes from renewal department who will guide me through the renewal process. No calls for next 3 days. I leave for my native place, Ahmedabad for diwali celebrations. I get a call in the train from same lady I had talked to last time. She asks me if I could renew the insurance online. Apparently she had forgotten that she had to raise a request to renewal department for over the phone renewal for my policy. She assures me a call back in next half n hour. Again no calls for next two days. Now I get busy in diwali festival, so nothing happens for next 10 days.

Time to call their customer care again. I am in Gujarat now, so I call the local customer care number. I select option to talk in English, but get a person on the other hand who can hardly speak in Hindi. I explain him the whole story again, but he tells me there is no option of renewal over the phone. I keep arguing that I was told about the same from Bajaj Allianz customer care itself. Finally he gives me contact number of some senior person in local renewal department. When I called him he was on vacation, so asked me to call another guy in his department. I refuse to call him and ask him to arrange for a call back from someone in his department who can help me. I get a call from a lady who again tells me that there is no such thing as over the phone renewal. That facility was introduced for NRI customers but has been withdrawn. After some heated arguments, she assures me to get back within half n hour with some solution.

I go back to their website to search for options. They have live chat. After few attempts, I get a person who can talk to me over chat. I need to again explain the same story. It takes him 15 minutes to understand the entire situation as there was absolutely no log of events in their system as to what had happened previously. He finally arranged for the call from renewal department who got my insurance renewed over the phone using an IVR system.

This is what they claim as the USP for their two wheeler insurance –

Instant online policy issuance and renewal in just 4 easy steps

By this time, I had easily spent hours arguing with their customer care so-called-executives and had spent Rs 100+ to renew my two-wheeler insurance which was worth Rs 624/-. So much for Bajaj Allianz’s most user friendly insurance process.

Author: Ronak Gandhi

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