Are You A Fan Of Keyboard Shortcuts? Try Vimperator For Firefox

Do you like to use keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation in applications like editors, browsers, media players, etc?  I use them a lot for navigating through applications like, GMail, Firefox, Movist, Picasa to name a few.  Keyboard shortcuts help a lot in avoiding mouse usage which in turn speeds up the process as you don’t have to stretch out to your mouse or touch-pad every-time you want to do something.  If you fall in this category too then you will love Vimperator.

Firefox already has keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+t for opening a new tab, Ctr+f to find a string etc, but Vimperator takes it to a new level with single keystroke shortcuts which are very much like Vim Editor.

Some examples are:

t – Open a new tab

o – open a new URL in current tab

y – Copy current URL

p – Open a URL from clipboard

P – Open a URL from clipboard in new tab

/ – find a word

f – follow a link

h,j,k,l – Navigate through the page (Left, UP, Down, Right)

With help of such keystrokes, you don’t need the address bar or navigation bar or the search bar which saves you important real estate on the screen and gives you a better view of the webpage.  Also, you can completely customize the shortcuts the way you want using a vimperatorrc file.

My Firefox window with no address bar, no bookmarks bar, no search bar, no menus.

Give it a try, it’s worth it.

Author: Ronak Gandhi

I'm a software developer, who is also passionate about driving, traveling, automobiles, photography, computers and games. TT (Ping Pong as some people say) is the latest entry to my list of hobbies. I'm slowly getting better, but not there yet.

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