Awesome Flickr Gallery

Fast and efficient Flickr Gallery Plugin for WordPress

A simple way to create a photo gallery of your Flickr photos on your WordPress enabled website – yet enabling you to customize it the way you like it. This plugin aims at providing a simple yet customizable way to create clean and professional looking Flickr galleries.


  • Fast and light – uses intelligent caching to load galleries instantly
  • Support for both Public and Private photos
  • Create multiple galleries with different parameters
  • Select Photos from your Flickr Photostream, a Photoset, a Gallery or a Group
  • 2 Powerful slideshow options with thumbnail slider navigation
  • Multiple sorting options available so that you don’t have to rely on Flickr’s sorting options
  • Customizable image sizes with cropping settings
  • Infinitely customizable with custom CSS field
  • Fits into a sidebar widget too
  • Insert multiple galleries on same page with independent slideshow and pagination
  • Fits automatically according to the width of the theme or you can select the width of the gallery yourself
  • Ability to disable built-in slideshow so that you can use a slideshow plugin of your choice
  • Intuitive menu pages with easy configuration options and photo previews
  • SEO friendly, all your photos are available to search engine crawlers

Download and Install

  1. Download the zip archive
  2. Extract the contents into /wp-content/plugins/ directory in your WordPress installation
  3. Activate the plugin


  • Just insert text AFG_gallery inside square brackets [] to any post or page where you want to insert your Flickr gallery

Features planned in upcoming releases

(In no particular order)

  • Add multiple User accounts to generate Galleries
  • Generate a master gallery page with all your galleries linking to individual gallery pages
  • View photo comments

Can’t get it working?

Head to the support forums – Discussions |

89 thoughts on “Awesome Flickr Gallery”

  1. Hello Everyone, I am closing the comment thread on this page because it is becoming very difficult for me to track the issues. For better organization, I have created a discussion forum where you can report your issues and we can have proper discussion.

    Here is the link to the support forum –

    Any issues related to the plugin shall be posted under “Awesome Flickr Gallery” category.

    Signing off from here. See you on the forum. Tada.

  2. @Shiela, I can’t access your website. It seems to be down right now.

    @Soner, thanks for replying on my behalf. Very much appreciated.

  3. Soner – thanks for looking at it. The theme was custom-designed by the previous developer (I just inherited the site to work on even though I am also a WP newbie!) I can’t seem to find a way to link to it – is there something else I could link you to or send you? That is, if you have time to look at it!

  4. This is to Sheila. I am a novice when it comes to WordPress but from what it looks like, it is your theme that is causing it to react in that way. If you look at my page you see how the prev and next have a border around them but with yours they are not. This shows me that your theme is adjusting them. In fact, looking further into the source I see it is the theme changing the attributes and that the code might need to be adjusted. If you are using a theme could you link me to it so I can install it on my host and check this out myself? This will give me a better idea of what is going on.

  5. Hi Ronak – I’m still having the problem where the gallery shows up, but once a photo is clicked, it opens up a new page with the photo showing up in the corner. I basically want the same thing as you have on the demo – when a photo is clicked, the image should show up as an overlay with a slideshow. I have this plugin and Lightbox 2…how can I make this work?

  6. @Peter, there are quite a few conflicting issues with other plugins that use jQuery. I need to figure it out. I don’t have a solution yet.

    @Soner, not yet. I haven’t been able to find out the root cause of the conflicts with other plugins that use jQuery. I update the plugin directory with changelogs, so you can check what changes were made for the update. You can see that on this page –

  7. Were you able to fix or look into the issue of why my banner stops scrolling? Is there something I can add to make it work? I noticed you released an update today (2.5.3) but that didn’t fix the issue.

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