Mac OS X’s Dumb Copy/Paste

Yesterday I was copying some movies from one external hard-disk to another on my MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6.7).  Totally it had to copy about 240 GB of data and it would take 2 hours to copy all the files, so I started the copy overnight.  What I see in the morning is an error which says “An error occurred trying to read blah-blah”.  The dialogue box only had an OK button.  When pressed it, it just closed the copy operation and I was left with a partial copy of data with absolutely no clue how many files were copied and where exactly the stupid thing stopped copying.

Now how difficult can it be to just skip the corrupted file and continue copying rest of the content?  But no, the developers at Apple decided to implement it the stupid way.

Things were OK till I realized another dumbness of Mac OS X’s copy/paste.  If you want to copy a folder and merge it with another folder with same name, you can’t do it on Mac OS X.  Take this example, I have two folders named Movies in two separate hard-disks disk1 and disk2.  Now I want to merge them in disk2, so I just copy the Movies folder from disk1 and paste it on disk2.  I would expect that all my files on disk2 will be preserved and additional files from disk1 will be copied over.  But again a BIG NO.  Dumb Mac OS X will delete all the files under Movies on disk2 and replace them with files on disk1.

How dumb is that !!!

BTW, Linux copied the *corrupted* files perfectly fine and I can play those movies without a hitch.  Go figure.